New April 2015 Special Issue of SEN on “Nationalism and Belonging”


Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism (SEN) has just published a new Special Issue on “Nationalism and Belonging,”  which comes out of the 2014 Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism (ASEN) Conference on the same theme.

The special issue includes includes a selection of articles which were presented at the 2014 ASEN Conference, including the following:

“Unionism, Loyalism, and the Ulster-Scots Ethnolinguistic ‘Revival’” by Peter Robert Gardener

Nationalism and Linguistic Purism in Contemporary Japan: National Sentiment Expressed through Public Attitudes towards Foreignisms” by Naoko Hosokawa

Understanding Taliban Resurgence: Ethno-Symbolism and Revolutionary Mobilization” by Kareem Kamel


Make sure to visit SEN on Wiley Blackwell for access to more articles in this issue, which also features sections on “Minorities, Law and Belonging” and the “Ukrainian Crisis.”



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