Sen News Bites 13 – 20 April


Carnegie Endowement for International Peace (15/04/2015)   reports on the situation in the Egyptian parliament today, in comparison with the immediate aftermath of the 2011 uprising, emphasizing the difficulties of the house in executing its constitutionally mandated role due to a lack of pluralism.

European Council on Foreign Relations (20/04/2015) analyses a shift in Chinese foreign policy in terms of a move from a geopolitical stance of “strategic military” to “strategic economy”.

BBC (18/04/2015) describes the enormous human cost of the 1971 Bangladesh war, and the renewed wave of violence and executions in a country which is still fighting to define its identity.

The Guardian (17/04/2015)  analyses the issue of migration into Europe in the light of Western moral responsibilities and the resources we possess to help migrants.

The Guardian (15/04/2015) looks at the almost complete absence of Wales and Welsh issues – in stark contrast to Scotland, for example – from the mainstream parties’ national political debate.

News compiled by Sabella Festa Campanile

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