SEN News Bites: 17-23 November 2014





Times Higher Education (18/11/2014) reports the results of recent research documenting the continued marginalisation and underrepresentation of ethnic minorities and women in top positions in UK universities.

Russia Today (18/11/2014) features an extended summary of a recent interview with the Russian President, Vladimir Putin in which he warned about the dangers of radical nationalism and Russophobia in Ukraine.

Deutsche Welle (18/11/2014) features a piece containing a brief historical retrospective of the fate of the ethnic German minority population in Romania.

The New York Times (22/11/2014) features an article on the policies and ethnic background of the governor of Jakarta, Indonesia who is only the second Christian of Chinese ancestry to ever occupy this post. (22/11/2014) features an opinion piece on the role and limits of ethnic and religious tolerance in the policies of the newly elected government in Bulgaria.

Global Post (22/11/2014) reports on the recent deterioration of Armenian-Azeri relations in relation to the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh.


News compiled by Anastasia Voronkova

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