SEN News Bites: 3-9 November 2014



Radio Free Europe (04/11/2014) reports the key points of a recent speech made by the President of Kyrgyzstan in which he warned that radical Islam and societal Islamization pose a constant threat to Kyrgyz national identity.

The New York Times (05/11/2014) features an opinion piece reflecting on contemporary Russian ‘official’ nationalism on the occasion of the celebration of Unity Day in Moscow.

The Diplomat (07/11/2014) reports the results of a recent survey of public opinion in China indicating overwhelming support of all of the country’s territorial disputes.

The Voice of America (08/11/2014) features a piece on the politics of nostalgia and belonging in East Germany in anticipation of the Berlin Wall anniversary.

Eleven Myanmar (08/11/2014) reports on the progress made this week by the peace negotiators in southeastern Myanmar on the way to an all-inclusive and transformative national dialogue.

International Business Times (09/11/2014) features a piece on Catalan nationalism in the context of the independence vote this week.

BBC News (09/11/2014) features a piece exploring the fears of the people of northern Kazakhstan in relation to their Russian neighbours in the context of the Ukrainian crisis.


News compiled by Anastasia Voronkova

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