Nationalism and Ethnicity: Upcoming Conferences and Events

Upcoming Conference/Workshop:

Imagined Communities and Frontier Politics in China’s Long Twentieth Century

Date: Tuesday, October 21-October 22

Location: Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore

Keynote Speaker: Benedict Anderson

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Call for Papers:

Nationalism and Internationalism in Labour History

Date: 25 April 2015

Keynote speaker: Dr Emmet O’Connor (University of Ulster)

Deadline for proposals: (300 word abstract and one page CV): 30 January 2015

This one-day conference will explore the entangled relationship between nationalism and internationalism – both in the pasts of workers and in the political formations that addressed working-class concerns. The conference will shed light on competing and interrelated strands of activism and their connections with imperial rule, globalising processes and nation-building. The event seeks to explore the complex ways in which ideas, people and social contestation circulated beyond borders. It shows how individuals, parties and social movements negotiated the intertwined tenets of nationalism and internationalism in these contexts.

Organisers invite papers around the following themes:

  • Nationalism and internationalism in the intellectual history of labour.
  • Activists, transnational networks and their reconfigurations of socialist, communist or anarchist movements.
  • Relations between labour and nationalism in anti-colonial struggles.
  • Labour, nationalism and internationalism during wars and in post-war settlements.
  • Historic globalisations, labour and nationalism.
  • Syntheses of class and nation in ideology, identity, consciousness and discourse.

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