SEN News Bites: 25-31 August 2014

The Diplomat (26/08/2014) features a piece on the implications that the Dokdo Islands territorial dispute between Japan and South Korea might have for Korean self-understanding and national identity.


Eurasia Review (28/08/2014) features a piece reflecting on the roots and contradictions of the spiral of suspicions and insecurities in Japan, South Korea and China.


The Guardian (29/08/2014) features an opinion piece on the different kinds of Russian nationalism and their influence on the current Russian policies in Ukraine.


Myanmar Times (30/08/2014) features a report giving details of a recent plea by a senior Buddhist monk to representatives of all parties in Myanmar to prioritise nationalism over human rights.


DailyNews Egypt (30/08/2014) features a piece on contemporary Egyptian national identity and cultural values.


AsiaOne World (31/08/2014) features an extended report on how the indigenous inhabitants of Guatemala, ethnic Mayans, drove an ultra Orthodox Jewish community out of the region.


The Straits Times (31/08/2014) reports on the opening of a new museum in Jakarta, Indonesia recognising the valuable contribution made by Chinese community in Indonesia to the struggle for the country’s independence.

News compiled by Anastasia Voronkova

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