Nationalism and Ethnicity: Upcoming Conferences and Events

Upcoming Conference

The Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association

Date: 15–20 August 2014

Location: San Francisco, USA

Interested scholars, educators, and students will gather for a weekend of sessions about ethnicity and nationalism at the upcoming Annual Meeting of the ASA:

Regular Session on Nations/Nationalism Saturday, August 16, 4:30–6:10 p.m.

Session Organizer: Genevieve Zubrzycki, University of Michigan

  • Nation Matters. On British Sports, Professional Jerseys and the Inscription of Argentinean “National Feeling” – Claudio Ezequiel Benzecry, University of Connecticut 
  • In, On, and Of the Inviolable Soil: Pottery and the De-fragmentation of Italian Nationhood – Fiona Rose-Greenland, University of Chicago 
  • Raw Materials: Natural Resources, Technological Discourse and the Making of the Canadian Nation – Melissa Miriam Aronczyk, State University of New Jersey-Rutgers 
  • Performing Legitimate Nationhood: Actors, Audiences and Scripts in the French Veil Debates – Emily J. Laxer, University of Toronto 

Section on Racial and Ethnic Minorities Paper Session. Race and Ethnicity in Everyday Encounters, Sunday, August 17, 8:30–10:10 a.m. 

Session Organizer: Sofya Aptekar, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity

  • Black/White Race Relations in a New Immigrant Destination – Monica McDermott, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
  • Embracing Ambiguity: Afro-Cuban Immigrants Negotiating Identity in the United States Monika Gosin, College of William & Mary 
  • Encountering Racialized Navism: Mexican and Korean Youth Doing American from an Outsider-Within Position – Hyeyoung Kwon, University of Southern California 
  • Inconsistency within Expressed and Observed Racial Identifications: Identity, Signaling, and Mental Health Status – Whitney Nicole Laster, Vanderbilt University; Tony N. Brown, Vanderbilt University 
  • Sexual Racism and the Puzzle of Interracial Relationship Rates in the Internet Age – Jason Ronald Orne, University of Wisconsin-Madison

 Regular Session. New Directions in the Study of the Dynamics of Racial and Ethnic Conflict, Monday, August 18, 4:30–6:10 p.m.

Session Organizer: Kathleen M. Blee, University of Pittsburgh

  • Double Legitimacy Crises and Dynamics of Contention in Ethnic Democracies –Gregory Maney, Hofstra University 
  • Emergence of Armed Resistance against Insurgent Violence during Civil War-Daniel Blocq, University of Wisconsin-Madison 
  • Lynch Victims as Marginal Men? Community Characteristics, Outsider Status, and Vulnerability to Mob Violence – Amy Kate Bailey, University of Illinois-Chicago; Stewart E. Tolnay, University of Washington 
  • The Production of Local Race Relations: Race, Crime, and Politics in Multiracial Neighborhoods – Jan Doering, University of Chicago 

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Upcoming Conference

20th Annual World Convention of the Association for the Study of Nationalities

Date: 23–25 April 2015

Location: Harriman Institute, Columbia University

Click here for more information about the conference.

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