SEN News Bites: 27 July – 1 August 2014

Oromo students protested against a government plan to expand Addis Ababa [Jawar Mohammed/Al Jazeera]
Al-Jazeera (29/07/2014) reports on the recent resurgence of ethnic Oromo nationalism in Ethiopia following several outbreaks of violence and disputes over constitutionally protected ethnic rights.


Colombia Reports (30/07/2014) discusses the problems and challenges associated with Colombia’s lack of data on racial and ethnic minority populations making it difficult to trace socioeconomic progress.


Blue&Green Tomorrow (31/07/2014) reports the key results of a research report highlighting the burning  problem of ethnic and gender representation in US environmental organizations.


Myanmar Times (01/08/2014) reports on the holes and incomplete nature of Myanmar’s national census, the results of which are expected to be released by the end of August. Data on ethnicity and religion are especially problematic.


Eleven (01/08/2014) reports on the reluctance of some Bengali residents to apply for citizenship in Rakhine state.


The Irrawady (01/08/2014) reports on the launch of a weekly supplement of Myanmar’s state-run newspaper, The New Light of Myanmar. The supplement will be published in local ethnic languages.


The Guardian (01/08/2014) features an opinion piece on why ethnic minority actors still  struggle to get roles in Holywood.


The Jersey journal (01/08/2014) reports on an exhibition in the HobokenHistoricalMuseum detailing the  history of US immigration during its peak – between 1892 and 1924.


News compiled by Anastasia Voronkova


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