SEN News Bites, June 10- 16 (11/06/2014) features an opinion piece on national identity and mythmaking in Ukraine. (12/06/2014) reports on the recent celebrations of Russia Day across Russia.

France24 (13/06/2014) features a podcast debating whether French officials should sing the French national anthem aloud during public functions.

National Catholic Reporter (13/06/2014) reports on the introduction of church-run day care centers designed to help ethnic minority children based in villages across Vietnam.

IBWM (14/06/2014) features a piece on the links between the second Uyghur World Cup currently taking place in Turkey and national identity. (15/06/2014) reports on the outbreak of ethno-religious violence in Nigeria’s Taraba state killing more than 50 people.

Radio Free Europe (16/06/2014) features an opinion piece reflecting on prospects for long-term peace and stability on the fourth anniversary of interethnic violence in the city of Osh, southern Kyrgyzstan.

The Guardian (16/06/2014) reports on the recent clashes between Buddhists and Muslims in southern Sri Lanka leaving 3 people dead and 78 seriously wounded.


News compiled by Anastasia Voronkova

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