SEN News Bites, June 3-9 2014

Here’s the latest roundup of news found on the web this week!

Guyana Times (04/06/2014) features a piece on the link between Guyanese identity and national unity.

The Irrawaddy (05/06/2014) reports on the recent meeting between the Burmese government and ethnic rebel groups to discuss drafting a framework for political dialogue. (05/06/2014) reports on a proposed new law to officially define Israel as a Jewish state.

The Washington Post (06/06/2014) features a piece on India’s Hindu nationalist movement.

The Malay Mail Online (06/06/2014) features an opinion piece on the role of religious agencies in fueling conflicts in Malaysian society. (08/06/2014) reports on the upsurge of inter-ethnic violence in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo that has resulted in the death of at least 30 people.

The Express Tribune (09/06/2014) features a piece reflecting on the role and relevance of ethnic divisions for the upcoming Afghan presidential runoff.


News compiled by Anastasia Voronkova

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