SEN News Bites: May 12-18


World Affairs Council (12/05/2014) features a video recording of a talk by Paul Taylor, the executive vice president of the US-based think tank Pew Research Center, discussing the implications of America’s changing demographics for the future of American national identity.

Ma’an News Agency (14/05/2014) features a piece on the recent rallies of Palestinians based in northern Israel calling for the right of return for refugees.

Voice of America (14/05/2014) and South China Morning Post (17/05/2014) feature articles on the widespread and destructive riots targeting ethnic Chinese in Vietnam.

Reuters (15/05/2014) reports on anti-immigrant protests in the Russian town of Pushkino northeast of Moscow following the arrest of an Uzbek man suspected of killing one of the local residents.

Voice of America (15/05/2014) reports on the decision of an association of ethnic Vietnamese in Cambodia to cancel a planned anti-Chinese protest.

The Christian Science Monitor (15/05/2014) features an opinion piece on the ways to productively address ethnic conflict in Myanmar.

Afrobarometer (16/05/2014) reports the key findings of a recent survey of public opinion on the conflict in northern Mali.

Reuters (18/05/2014) reports on the first ever ethnic Chinese leader taking over governance of the Indonesian capital Jakarta.



 News compiled by Anastasia Voronkova

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