SEN Journal Online Exclusives: ‘Ethnicity, Nationalism and Education’

education and nationalismSEN Journal: Online Exclusives is proud to announce the forthcoming special issue of SEN’s print version. The special issue is entitled “Ethnicity, Nationalism and Education” and will be published as SEN volume 13 number 3. Themes that are covered in the special issue include education and identity politics; education and minority policies; schools and nationalist education; education and interethnic accommodation; and education and peacebuilding. To announce the publication of this special issue, SEN Journal: Online Exclusives will post abstracts of some of its articles in the next few weeks.

First up we have Verena Wisthaler’s ‘Identity politics in the educational system in South Tyrol: balancing between minority protection and the need to manage diversity’ (Volume 13, Issue 3, December 2013, 358-372).

The article ‘focuses on the educational system in South Tyrol as one of the pillars of language and identity politics used for minority protection and elaborates on future possible developments triggered by immigration. After a historical overview on the coexistence of the three linguistic groups in South Tyrol the article explores from the point of view of the education system the institutional framework guaranteeing the protection of the German speaking and Ladin minority. Secondly the article shows how the education system in South Tyrol deals with increasing immigration assessing how this relates to the aim of minority protection.’

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