SEN News on Sunday: November 17 – 24, 2013



  • The Economist (23/11/13) analyses Ukraine’s progressive integration into the European Union, and the psychological unwillingness of Russia to accept the new geopolitics of the region.
  • (22/11/13) explores the topic of race relations in France, amid the recent controversy over allegedly racist depictions of one of France’s well-known black politicians.
  • (22/11/13) reports on renewed attempts between Turkey and Armenia to normalise their relations, which include dealing with their troubled national pasts, from the slaughter of ethnic Armenians in Turkey during WWI and the more recent Nagorno Karabakh dispute.

  • Huffington Post UK (22/11/13) analyses the choice which Northern Ireland faces in whether it will pursue legal actions to uncover the truth about unsolved killings during the 1970s, in which the state’s role is increasingly questioned.
  • The Jewish Week (20/11/13) reports on the revival of Jewish heritage in Kingston, Jamaica, and attempts by groups to attract Jewish heritage seekers to the city.
  • Huffington Post UK (17/11/13) features a photo essay by photographer Ed Thompson, “who spent three years documenting [English Defence League] EDL rallies, attempting to get beyond the typical portrayal shown in the media.”
  • New York Times (17/11/13) features an opinion piece about race relations in socialist Cuba, and what it can teach the world about race in the Americas.


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News compiled by Karen Seegobin.

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