Call for Contributions: Banal Xenophobia in 21st Century Europe

SEN Journal: Online Exclusives is currently calling for contributions on the theme of Banal Xenophobia in 21st Century Europe. Since the publication of Michael Billig’s Banal Nationalism in 1995, the field of ethnicity and nationalism has seen a growth in scholarship on the manner in which national and ethnic identities manifest themselves in everyday life. We seek to develop upon this research by shifting the focus from everyday nationalism to ‘banal xenophobia’.

Possible topics to be covered under this theme include, for instance, the banality of xenophobia both in terms of its presence in everyday life (in language, the media, legislation and the built environment), factors that facilitate banal xenophobia (such as institutions, public and popular culture, elites or masses) and its acceptability (to governments or civil society groups) in Europe today.

In keeping with SEN’s editorial policy, SEN Journal: Online Exclusives encourages submissions from a broad range of disciplines with particular attention to up-and-coming scholars, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students working in the field. Submissions should comply with the website’s submission guidelines and not exceed 1,000 words.

All submissions and enquiries should be sent to

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