Forthcoming Interview with Professor Anthony D. Smith: Your Questions Wanted!

As part of our themed focus on nationalism, ethnicity and art, SEN
Journal: Online Exclusives
will feature an interview Professor
Anthony D. Smith. Professor Smith is an internationally renowned scholar
of nationalism and the author of many ground-breaking works, including inter alia
“The Ethnic Origins of Nations”, “Nationalism and Modernism” and “Chosen
Peoples: Sacred Sources of National Identity”.

We would like to offer our readers the opportunity to ask Professor
Smith their own questions about his work on nationalism, and the
relationship between nationalism and art. The best questions will be
included in our forthcoming interview.

Please post your questions below, including your name and institutional
affiliation (where applicable). Deadline for questions is Sunday, October 30th.


  1. If art captures something deep about national identity, the type of art to be investigated should not be limited to those beloing to ‘high culture’. What is your view on the potential of investigating popular forms of art in the study of national identity?

  2. Do you think common currency has any impact on developing a common identity? What do you think about the impact of the Euro on a common European identity?

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