Nationalism and Ethnicity: Conferences and Call for Papers

Call for Papers: 26th Annual Conference of ASEN “Nationalism, Migration and Population Change” 19th-21st of April 2016 at the London School of Economics and Political Science Until the mid-19th century, with limited exceptions such as the Atlantic slave trade, long-distance migration usually took place within civilisations. This changed with world wars, widening disparities in levels … [Read more…]

Nationalism and Ethnicity: Conferences, Call for Papers, Fellowships

Upcoming Symposium: “National symbols across time and space” University of Oslo, September 17-18, 2015 Despite the evident weakening of the nation and the national during these times of cultural globalization, nationalisms are not disappearing in the world. Instead, they are reappearing in a range of new forms utilizing both new and renewed symbols. Or perhaps we … [Read more…]

Nationalism and Ethnicity: Upcoming Conferences and Events

Upcoming Conference: “Minorities in Armies: Ethnicity, Race, Alienage” June 30, 2015, 10.00-17.30 University of Warwich, The Institute of Advanced Study (Seminar Room) Against the backdrop of a perceived national uniformity in the armed forces, in the Modern and Contemporary Age the military has been characterized by a sizeable presence of ethnic and racial minorities, as … [Read more…]