Sen News Bites 30 June -7 July

  Los Angeles Times (02/07/2015) presents ‘A Borrowed Identity’, an Israeli film telling an Arab’s story in Israel, an analysis of how society and culture mold an individual’s identity.   The Guardian (02/07/2015)  tracks the parallels between the Papandreou government of the 1980s and the current one, examining the ongoing debate on the future of … [Read more…]

Sen News Bites 7 – 14 June

  China Policy Institute Blog (12/06/2015)focuses on multilingualism and identity in China, claiming the importance of linguistic minorities participating in the Chinese nation as being a central force in terms of identitarian discourse (12/06/2015)  an analysis of Punjabi nationalism and its narratives in Pakistan   Opendemocracy (08/06/2015)  interviews the Italian scholar Federico Campagna … [Read more…]

Sen News Bites 29 – 5 June

The Guardian (5/06/2015) reports on human rights issues and deficiencies in the Pakistani legal system, reflected in copious use of the death sentence, and issues surrounding payment of Diyya or blood money by wealthy perpetrators.   BBC (03/06/2015) looks at growing Russian anti-Western rhetoric, the spreading atmosphere of nationalism, and the impact on its neighbours. … [Read more…]

Sen New Bites 21 – 28 May

Financial Times (24/05/2015)  reports on a new wave of nationalist fervour in Saudi Arabia following the Yemen campaign, and a growing sense of an active and strong leadership which is breaking with the past.   Open Democracy (26/05/2015)  depicts Georgian Independence Day as an elitist celebration, a cultural symbol of a revived romantic nationalism which … [Read more…]

Sen News Bites 14 – 20 May

  The Diplomat (20/05/2015)  Features the worsten of the situation related to the LGBT community in Kyrgykizstan   Middle East Eye (19/05/2015) Reports on the colourful election campaign of the HDP in Turkey and its links with the PKK.   Radio Free Europe (20/03/2015) Depicts the unraistrained wave of nationalism in the Putin’s era and the propaganda to … [Read more…]

Sen News Bites 6 – 13 May

The Guardian (09/05/2015)  looks at the Victory Day parade in Moscow, which as a commemoration of the defeat of Nazi Germany is an important symbol of Russian national identity, and Putin’s use of it as a platform to attack the United States for its attempt to create a unipolar world.   Nottingham Blog (09/05/2015) examines the Internet’s … [Read more…]

Sen News Bites 29 – 6 May

The Guardian (02/05/2015) presents an acute analysis of the precarious balance of power between parties in Westminster.   Todayszaman (30/04/2015) reports on racist, nationalistic, and discriminatory tendencies among football supporters, with a focus on the Balkans, but seen as a pattern by no means unique to this context.   East Asia Forum (30/04/2015)reports on how multiculturalism in … [Read more…]

Sen News Bites 21 – 28 April

Global Research (24/04/2015) reports on the implications of the statement made by Pope Francis on Nazi and Stalinist mass killings as the second and third genocides of the 20th century – having already stirred controversy with Turkey by naming the Armenian genocide as the century’s first – and its allusion to the recognition of the Holodomor … [Read more…]

Sen News Bites 13 – 20 April

Carnegie Endowement for International Peace (15/04/2015)   reports on the situation in the Egyptian parliament today, in comparison with the immediate aftermath of the 2011 uprising, emphasizing the difficulties of the house in executing its constitutionally mandated role due to a lack of pluralism. European Council on Foreign Relations (20/04/2015) analyses a shift in Chinese foreign … [Read more…]

Sen News Bites 7 – 13 April

    The Guardian (08/04/2015)  analyses the behaviour of the English parties in the approach to the elections, and highlights Westminster’s irrational focus on UKIP while overlooking the SNP.   OpenDemocracy (10/04/2015) features an essay examining the semantic construction of collective memory as the basis for current identities. Verbalised memories or narratives substitute experience in the … [Read more…]