Sen News Bites 30 June -7 July



Los Angeles Times (02/07/2015) presents ‘A Borrowed Identity’, an Israeli film telling an Arab’s story in Israel, an analysis of how society and culture mold an individual’s identity.


The Guardian (02/07/2015)  tracks the parallels between the Papandreou government of the 1980s and the current one, examining the ongoing debate on the future of Greece in Europe, and the role of the country in relation to the Balkan states and their relationship with the EU.


Huffington Post (30/06/2015)  reports on the return of nationalism as the only way to define the national identity of states, defining itself through a strong contraposition between ‘inside’ and ‘outside’.


The Japan Times (05/07/2015)  looks at the rising popularity of military music among a certain segment of Japanese society, and the impact on nationalist ideology.


The Guardian (06/07/2015) puts forward the thesis that Greece’s referendum result is at a real risk of being manipulated to the benefit of xenophobic hard-right European parties.


News compiled by Sabella Festa Campanile

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