Sen News Bites 7 – 14 June



China Policy Institute Blog (12/06/2015)focuses on multilingualism and identity in China, claiming the importance of linguistic minorities participating in the Chinese nation as being a central force in terms of identitarian discourse (12/06/2015)  an analysis of Punjabi nationalism and its narratives in Pakistan


Opendemocracy (08/06/2015)  interviews the Italian scholar Federico Campagna on the historical idea of Europe, its current representation, and the EU’s several identities


The Guardian (12/06/2015)examines ideas of Europe as presented by the new leftist movements around the continent and the grounds on which these are elaborated


Daily News (14/06/2015) takes a critical perspective on Erdogan’s government, and the coming battle of the opposition to maintain Turkey’s secular state despite the results of the election

News compiled by Sabella Festa Campanile

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