Sen New Bites 21 – 28 May

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Financial Times (24/05/2015)  reports on a new wave of nationalist fervour in Saudi Arabia following the Yemen campaign, and a growing sense of an active and strong leadership which is breaking with the past.


Open Democracy (26/05/2015)  depicts Georgian Independence Day as an elitist celebration, a cultural symbol of a revived romantic nationalism which is preventing the country’s democratic political development.


Open Democracy (27/05/2015)  reports on how the existence of LGBT movements in Kyrgyzstan is becoming ever more difficult due to a strong conservative nationalist sentiment committed to preserving ‘traditional’ Kyrgyz values and identity. This is witnessed by recent attacks on the LGBT community, which is perceived as a product of Western thought.


South China Morning Post (27/05/2015) features a CEA survey on the extent to which the purchase of Chinese tech gadgets by domestic consumers reflects a nationalistic behaviour aimed at supporting domestic market, or whether this trend is led by secondary reflections.


New York Times (24/05/2015)  proposes a ‘Europeanization’ of Britain, reflected by widespread and growing nationalism, and an increasing tendency towards a multi-party political system.


News compiled by Sabella Festa Campanile

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