Sen News Bites 14 – 20 May



The Diplomat (20/05/2015)  Features the worsten of the situation related to the LGBT community in Kyrgykizstan


Middle East Eye (19/05/2015) Reports on the colourful election campaign of the HDP in Turkey and its links with the PKK.


Radio Free Europe (20/03/2015) Depicts the unraistrained wave of nationalism in the Putin’s era and the propaganda to raise the hopes of revanchist russians


The Guardian (20/05/2015)Features the Spanish regional election as an important prequel to a general election that will be hold later this year, given the dramatic change in the country’s political environment


Council for foreign relations (19/05/2015) Reports the regional issues related to Rohingya, the need for a regional solution and the lack of answer to this still unresolved question


News compiled by Sabella Festa Campanile

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