Sen News Bites 6 – 13 May


The Guardian (09/05/2015)  looks at the Victory Day parade in Moscow, which as a commemoration of the defeat of Nazi Germany is an important symbol of Russian national identity, and Putin’s use of it as a platform to attack the United States for its attempt to create a unipolar world.


Nottingham Blog (09/05/2015) examines the Internet’s effects on Chinese society and the three ‘schools of thought’ of the conventional wisdom on the subject.


The Economist (08/05/2015) analyses shifts in Scottish identity, from religiously-defined to a more secular nationalist stance, as reflected by the SNP’s landslide victory at the polls.


Project Syndacate (12/05/2015) reports on the extent to which the rise of identity-driven politics is reshaping Europe’s political landscape, and examines the related debates in light of existing threats from within globalisation and global economic issues.


Maclean’s (12/05/2015) reports on the ongoing situation in Egypt, in the aftermath of the ‘Arab Spring’.


News compiled by Sabella Festa Campanile

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