Sen News Bites 29 – 6 May


The Guardian (02/05/2015) presents an acute analysis of the precarious balance of power between parties in Westminster.


Todayszaman (30/04/2015) reports on racist, nationalistic, and discriminatory tendencies among football supporters, with a focus on the Balkans, but seen as a pattern by no means unique to this context.


East Asia Forum (30/04/2015)reports on how multiculturalism in the Korean peninsula – although clearly different between the two Koreas – is blurred by an ethnic nationalism that characterizes society and underpins national identity in both states.


The Economist (03/05/2015)  examines political arrangements in Northern Ireland and in the Irish Republic, and analyses Irish expectations for the British elections.


News25 (05/05/2015)  examines the causes behind rising xenophobia in South Africa, its use as a tool by populist politicians, and its relationship to South African political dynamics.

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