Sen News Bites 7 – 13 April




The Guardian (08/04/2015)  analyses the behaviour of the English parties in the approach to the elections, and highlights Westminster’s irrational focus on UKIP while overlooking the SNP.


OpenDemocracy (10/04/2015) features an essay examining the semantic construction of collective memory as the basis for current identities. Verbalised memories or narratives substitute experience in the construction of a nation’s collective memory, defined around an opposition between ‘them’ and ‘us’; among others, Orientalism and Balkanism stem from this tendency.


BBC (12/04/2015) reports on Pope Francis describing the killings of Armenians in Ottoman Turkey during Word War I as a ‘massive and unprecedented tragedy’ and ‘the first genocide of the 20th century’, and on Turkey’s predictably defensive reaction.


Channel New Asia (11/04/2015) describes the former Indonesian president’s presentation at the inaugural Singapore Forum, in which he analyses ‘global seismic shifts’, their impact on the region, and the importance of Asian cooperation within ASEAN.


OpenDemocracy (10/04/2015) examines and compares the conception of use of violence for political ends as it is in the Arab world and in eastern Europe.


The Guardian (10/04/2015) reports on Catalonia’s efforts to bring working hours into line with the rest of Europe’s other economies.



News compiled by Sabella Festa Campanile

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