Sen News Bites 24 – 30 March

russian troll factory

Washington Post (30/03/2015) analyses the different uses of social media by autocratic regimes, its use as an instrument of control, and the resulting threats to democracy.

Europblog (30/03/2015) examines the composition of Spain’s Parliament in light of the surge of the Catalan party Ciudadanos.

OpenDemocracy (30/03/2015) features an anlysis of national immigration policies, their impacts on migrants, and their subordination to global capitalist dynamics.

Al Jazeera (27/03/2015) reads Iran’s involvement in the battle against Isis in Iraq as a crucial opportunity for the country to enhance its regional influence, pre-empt accusations of sectarianism, and support Iraq’s territorial integrity, which Iran sees as indispensible to regional stability.

Gulf News (30/03/2015) reports on the implications of Western sanctions on the Russian government’s popularity, highlighting the consequent increase in support for the government.


News compiled by Sabella Festa Campanile

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