Sen News Bites: 10 – 17 March



CNN (15/03/2015) features a critical profile of the Israeli leader; as mirrored by the country’s foreign policy, he has been guilty of alienating the sympathies of traditional Israel supporters and, in the end, will likely end up serving Palestinian interests.


The International Relations and Security Netwok (11/03/2015) takes a look at the growing militarisation of the seas in eastern Asia as strongly connected to a growing nationalism; the modern struggle for maintenance of the status quo, set upon the oceans.


Telesur (15/03/2015) reports on attempts to reconstruct Bolivian identity based on “re-decolonisation” and the creation of a “plurinational” society.


Huffington Post (16/03/2015) the collapse of the values of modern society gives birth to many forms of political, economic and religious extremism, aimed at preserving and defending identity.


East Asian Forum (12/03/2015) reports on the potential threat to the democratic transition in Myanmar represented by the rise of the Buddhist nationalist movement, and in particular four important new bills under consideration by the legislature



News compiled by Sabella Festa Campanile

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