SEN News Bites: 7-14 October 2014




Your Middle East (09/10/2014) features an opinion piece reflecting on the challenges facing United Arab Emirates citizens in their efforts to preserve and stay true to their national identity.

Daily Sabah (10/10/2014) reports on the nationalist overtones of the recent contestations in the Turkish Parliament following Parliament’s approval of the decision to send troops to Syria and Iraq.

Ottawa Citizen (10/10/2014) reports the key results of a recent study into ethnic media coverage during recent Canadian elections.

Euronews (11/10/2014) and (12/10/2014) report on the resurgence of nationalism, divisions and the influence of the economic situation on the recent election campaign in Bosnia.

Nigerian Post (14/10/2014) features a summary of a speech by the Bishop of Abuja on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Church of Nigeria focusing on ways to combat ethnic divisions, tribalism and the absence of unity among Nigerians.

Deutsche Welle (14/10/2014) features a series of short interviews with Irish emigrants reflecting on how they feel about their national identity.



News compiled by Anastasia Voronkova

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