SEN News Bites: May 5 -11

Here’s another roundup of some of the news related to ethnicity and nationalism found on the web this week. Keep an eye on this blog for weekly updates!


NBC News (05/05/2014) reports the results of new research indicating that 10 million Americans, especially Hispanics, as well as Americans of mixed race, American Indians and Pacific Islanders, changed their race or Hispanic-origin categories when filling out the 2010 census.

The Independent (06/05/2014) reports the results of a newly published report by the think tank Policy Exchange suggesting that the numbers of people from ethnic minority communities in Britain could double by 2050 totalling between 20 and 30% of the population. (07/05/2014) features an article linking the unveiling of a monument to Pope John II in Sarajevo to multi-ethnic politics and reconciliation.

Ahramonline (07/05/2014) reports on the protests of members of the Oromo community in Cairo over the killings of many ethnic Oromos in Ethiopia.

Myanmar’s Newsmagazine The Irrawady (09/05/2014) features an article detailing the concerns of ethnic Chin organisations in Myanmar over the question of ethnicity in the country’s recent national census. (09/05/2014) reports on the ANC’s campaigning strategies among the ethnic Chinese community in South Africa during the electoral campaign in the run up to the country’s elections last week.

Hungarian website Politics.HU (10/05/2014) features a brief report on the Hungarian state secretariat’s preparation of a teaching-aid package for Hungarian diaspora Sunday schools.

Reuters (10/05/2014) reports on the pledge by the newly re-elected Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to stand up for autonomy for ethnic Hungarians beyond borders.

The Indian Express (11/05/2014) reports on the campaign of local activists in the state of Tripura in north-east India to promote Roman script for Kokborok, the native tongue spoken by many of the tribes in that state.

News compiled by Anastasia Voronkova

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