Sen News Bites 13 – 20 April

Sen News Bites 13 - 20 April

Carnegie Endowement for International Peace (15/04/2015)   reports on the situation in the Egyptian parliament today, in comparison with the immediate aftermath of the 2011 uprising, emphasizing the difficulties of the house in executing its constitutionally mandated role due to a lack of pluralism. European Council on Foreign Relations (20/04/2015) analyses a shift in Chinese foreign … [Read more…]

Sen News Bites 7 – 13 April

Sen News Bites 7 - 13 April

    The Guardian (08/04/2015)  analyses the behaviour of the English parties in the approach to the elections, and highlights Westminster’s irrational focus on UKIP while overlooking the SNP.   OpenDemocracy (10/04/2015) features an essay examining the semantic construction of collective memory as the basis for current identities. Verbalised memories or narratives substitute experience in the … [Read more…]

Sen News Bites 1 – 7 April

Sen News Bites 1 - 7 April

    Hurriyet Daily News (02/04/2015)  examines the implications of globalisation on Turkish society and the radicalisation of nationalist stances in the country’s modern political identity, as analysed in the newly-published collection of essays Turkey between Nationalism and Globalisation.   New York Times (05/04/2015)  reports on the controversial attempt by Bulgaria to stop the flow of refugees … [Read more…]

Sen News Bites 24 – 30 March

Sen News Bites 24 - 30 March

Washington Post (30/03/2015) analyses the different uses of social media by autocratic regimes, its use as an instrument of control, and the resulting threats to democracy. Europblog (30/03/2015) examines the composition of Spain’s Parliament in light of the surge of the Catalan party Ciudadanos. OpenDemocracy (30/03/2015) features an anlysis of national immigration policies, their impacts on migrants, … [Read more…]

Article Spotlights – Israel and Palestine

This edition of Article Spotlights from the SEN Archives focuses on Israel and Palestine, after the elections that took place in Israel this month, which saw Binyamin Netanyahu elected for another term in office. Yitzhak Conforti’s article focuses on the history of territorial thinking in Zionism. Yitzhak Conforti, Searching for a Homeland: The Territorial Dimension in … [Read more…]

Sen News Bites: 18 – 24 March

Sen News Bites: 18 - 24 March

Counterpunch (19/03/2015) examines the current political situation in Ukraine, highlighting the lack of an effective democracy and the rise of a nationalist state characterized by political and social violations committed by Ukraine’s power holders. Al Arabiya (23/03/2015) reports on the evolution of the US–Iranian relationship and Arab countries’ policies in the area in light of the … [Read more…]

The Complexity of the Tibet Issue: An Interview with Boshu Zhang

The Complexity of the Tibet Issue: An Interview with Boshu Zhang

The various forms of nationalism in multiethnic China are an area of important critical inquiry whose significance reaches beyond its geographical scope. China is comprised of numerous ethnic groups, including the dominant Han Chinese and many other minorities. Presently, ethnic nationalism seems to be on the rise in certain areas of the country, in particular in … [Read more…]

Sen News Bites: 10 – 17 March

Sen News Bites: 10 – 17 March

  CNN (15/03/2015) features a critical profile of the Israeli leader; as mirrored by the country’s foreign policy, he has been guilty of alienating the sympathies of traditional Israel supporters and, in the end, will likely end up serving Palestinian interests.   The International Relations and Security Netwok (11/03/2015) takes a look at the growing militarisation … [Read more…]

Sen News Bites: 2 March – 9 March 2015

Sen News Bites: 2 March – 9 March 2015

The Carnegie Moscow Center (03/03/2015) presents the thoughts of two Carnegie scholars and Russia specialists on the implications of the Nemtsov assassination for the Russian opposition movement, analysing the increasing polarization of the Russia–Europe relationship.   The Economist (07/03/2015) reflects on the extent of the domestic repression being perpetrated by the Russian government, and the insidious spread … [Read more…]

Sen News Bites: 24 February – 2 March 2015

    The Sun Herald (02/03/2015) examines Xi’s warning against ‘Western values’ in the context of the struggle to affect public attitudes, the threat of Chinese cultural supremacy in Hong Kong, and mainland China’s role on the world stage.   Aljazeera (02/03/2015)  looks at the possible future evolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict and its implications for … [Read more…]