SEN 15th Anniversary Conference – 7 September 2015

SEN 15th Anniversary Conference - 7 September 2015

  Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism (SEN) is pleased to invite you to an event marking its 15th anniversary on 7th September 2015. SEN is a fully refereed journal published by Wiley on behalf of the Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism (ASEN). It publishes three issues per volume relating to questions of … [Read more…]

Nationalism and Ethnicity: Conferences, Call for Papers, Fellowships

Upcoming Symposium: “National symbols across time and space” University of Oslo, September 17-18, 2015 Despite the evident weakening of the nation and the national during these times of cultural globalization, nationalisms are not disappearing in the world. Instead, they are reappearing in a range of new forms utilizing both new and renewed symbols. Or perhaps we … [Read more…]

SEN Journal: Books Available for Review

SEN Journal: Books Available for Review

The following books are available for review. Please contact the Reviews team at if you are interested in reviewing one.     Becoming Arab in London Pluto Press, 2015 Aly, Ramy M.K.     Keeping the Faith: Syriac Christian Diasporas. Sean Kingston Publishing, 2013 Armbruster, Heidi International Approaches to Governing Ethnic Diversity … [Read more…]

Sen News Bites 30 June -7 July

Sen News Bites 30 June -7 July

  Los Angeles Times (02/07/2015) presents ‘A Borrowed Identity’, an Israeli film telling an Arab’s story in Israel, an analysis of how society and culture mold an individual’s identity.   The Guardian (02/07/2015)  tracks the parallels between the Papandreou government of the 1980s and the current one, examining the ongoing debate on the future of … [Read more…]

Article Spotlights – May/June Round-Up

This edition of Article Spotlights, reflecting on a number of stories that appeared in News Bites in May and June, brings articles from the SEN Archives focusing on the possibilities of a European collective identity, nationalism in Greece, nationalist ceremony in China, and the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian War. George Yiangou’s paper asks the question: ‘is a common European identity really a … [Read more…]

Sen News Bites 7 – 14 June

Sen News Bites 7 - 14 June

  China Policy Institute Blog (12/06/2015)focuses on multilingualism and identity in China, claiming the importance of linguistic minorities participating in the Chinese nation as being a central force in terms of identitarian discourse (12/06/2015)  an analysis of Punjabi nationalism and its narratives in Pakistan   Opendemocracy (08/06/2015)  interviews the Italian scholar Federico Campagna … [Read more…]

Sen News Bites 29 – 5 June

Sen News Bites 29 - 5 June

The Guardian (5/06/2015) reports on human rights issues and deficiencies in the Pakistani legal system, reflected in copious use of the death sentence, and issues surrounding payment of Diyya or blood money by wealthy perpetrators.   BBC (03/06/2015) looks at growing Russian anti-Western rhetoric, the spreading atmosphere of nationalism, and the impact on its neighbours. … [Read more…]

Sen New Bites 21 – 28 May

Sen New Bites 21 - 28 May

Financial Times (24/05/2015)  reports on a new wave of nationalist fervour in Saudi Arabia following the Yemen campaign, and a growing sense of an active and strong leadership which is breaking with the past.   Open Democracy (26/05/2015)  depicts Georgian Independence Day as an elitist celebration, a cultural symbol of a revived romantic nationalism which … [Read more…]

Sen News Bites 14 – 20 May

Sen News Bites 14 - 20 May

  The Diplomat (20/05/2015)  Features the worsten of the situation related to the LGBT community in Kyrgykizstan   Middle East Eye (19/05/2015) Reports on the colourful election campaign of the HDP in Turkey and its links with the PKK.   Radio Free Europe (20/03/2015) Depicts the unraistrained wave of nationalism in the Putin’s era and the propaganda to … [Read more…]

Nationalism and Ethnicity: Upcoming Conferences and Events

Upcoming Conference: “Minorities in Armies: Ethnicity, Race, Alienage” June 30, 2015, 10.00-17.30 University of Warwich, The Institute of Advanced Study (Seminar Room) Against the backdrop of a perceived national uniformity in the armed forces, in the Modern and Contemporary Age the military has been characterized by a sizeable presence of ethnic and racial minorities, as … [Read more…]