SEN News Bites: 23-29 September 2014

  Inside Higher Education (24/09/2014) reports the results of a study published in Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology journal suggesting that black women are more likely than white women to show an interest in studying the so called STEM disciplines when they enter college. The New York Times (25/09/2014) features a piece exploring the … [Read more...]

SEN News Bites: 15-22 September 2014

      Mizzima (15/09/2014) reports on the widespread concerns expressed by the leaders of Myanmar over the late release of census data on ethnicity and the implications this significant delay might have for broader issues of political representation. Business Insider (15/09/2014) reports on the upsurge of ethnic divisions and the potential for societal transformation … [Read more...]

Special Issue Call for Papers

Call for Papers for a SEN Journal  Special Issue on ‘Science, Technology and the Nation‘. Please click here for details. Paper submission date: 31st October 2014. All inquiries can be addressed to Filippo Menga at

Scotland Votes, Secessionists Watch

Scotland Votes, Secessionists Watch

While the UK is engulfed in politics within the confines of the isle, the wider nationalist community are searching for a precedent for their own secessionist struggles. Catalan and Basque organisations have been campaigning with the Scots—as have the Flemish, Sardinians and Venetians. Catalonians have shown a particular interest in the Scottish referendum—now more strongly than ever … [Read more...]

At home and abroad, the identity of Somalis and the role of religion in its formation

At home and abroad, the identity of Somalis and the role of religion in its formation

    It is impossible to talk about Somali identity without considering the Somali diaspora of recent years. According to the Global Initiative on Somali Refugees, there are approximately one million Somalis living abroad. This figure assumes a particular relevance to the study of Somali  identity in that it cannot only  be defined in terms … [Read more...]

SEN News Bites: 8-14 September 2014

Here’s another roundup of nationalism and ethnicity-related news! Christian Post Reporter (08/09/2014) reports on the concerns expressed by a watchdog body in India that an umbrella Hindu nationalist group is looking to cleanse the minority Christian population in India. Daily Sabah (08/09/2014) features a piece on Muslim nationalism in Turkey and on how it influences … [Read more...]

Nationalism and Ethnicity: Upcoming Conferences and Events

Call for Papers Identity, Ethnicity and Nationhood before Modernity: Old Debates and New Perspectives Date: 24–26 April, 2015 Location: The Oxford Centre for Research in the Humanities, UK The organizing committee of the conference ‘Identity, Ethnicity and Nationhood before Modernity: Old Debates and New Perspectives’ invites paper proposals from prospective speakers. In spite of the … [Read more...]

Article Spotlights

Read on for Article Spotlights from the SEN Archives focusing on recent SEN News Bites. Here we focus on diaspora nationalism and processes of ‘othering’ in response to immigration. Giorgio Shani’s article deals with diaspora Sikh nationalism, and the degree to which the concept of a territorial Sikh homeland is a diasporic ‘invention’. Giorgio Shani, The Territorialization … [Read more...]

SEN News Bites: 1-7 September 2014

  BBC News (03/09/2014) reports on the active encouragement of ‘ethnic unity’ in Xinjiang through the deliberate promotion and incentivisation of mixed marriages. University of Oregon web community page (03/09/2014) features a report on a new art exhibition to be opened at the university museum and dedicated to exploring the interaction between genetics, race, ethnic … [Read more...]

SEN News Bites: 25-31 August 2014

The Diplomat (26/08/2014) features a piece on the implications that the Dokdo Islands territorial dispute between Japan and South Korea might have for Korean self-understanding and national identity.   Eurasia Review (28/08/2014) features a piece reflecting on the roots and contradictions of the spiral of suspicions and insecurities in Japan, South Korea and China.   … [Read more...]