“Nationalism: Diversity and Security”: ASEN Conference 2015

"Nationalism: Diversity and Security": ASEN Conference 2015

21st-23rd April 2015 at the London School of Economics and Political Science This call for papers is also available to download as a PDF, as is a poster advertising the conference. Nationalists are concerned that the nation should be secure from both external and internal threats. When the state is regarded as a nation-state, these … [Read more…]

Article Spotlights

Read on for Article Spotlights from the SEN Archives focusing on nationalism-related issues raised in SEN News Bites over the last several weeks. Alexander Shvarts’s piece considers Soviet Jewish diaspora identity in Canada: Alexander Shvarts, Soviet Jews in Toronto: Ethnic Self-Identity and Issues of Integration, Volume 13, Issue 1, 2003, pp. 38-55. The purpose of this paper is … [Read more…]

SEN News Bites: 17-23 November 2014

        Times Higher Education (18/11/2014) reports the results of recent research documenting the continued marginalisation and underrepresentation of ethnic minorities and women in top positions in UK universities. Russia Today (18/11/2014) features an extended summary of a recent interview with the Russian President, Vladimir Putin in which he warned about the dangers … [Read more…]

SEN News Bites: 3-9 November 2014

    Radio Free Europe (04/11/2014) reports the key points of a recent speech made by the President of Kyrgyzstan in which he warned that radical Islam and societal Islamization pose a constant threat to Kyrgyz national identity. The New York Times (05/11/2014) features an opinion piece reflecting on contemporary Russian ‘official’ nationalism on the … [Read more…]

Understanding Nationalism in the Graveyard of Empire: The Ukraine Case and Historiography of Nationalism (I)

Introduction In February of this year we witnessed the beginning of the 2014 Crimean Crisis. For decades this region, home to an ethnically Russian majority, as well as eastern Ukraine more widely, has been oriented more towards Russia than (western) Ukraine. Political instability in Ukraine centred in Kiev and a decision by the President Viktor Yanukovych … [Read more…]

The Long March of Hindu Nationalism

The Long March of Hindu Nationalism

From April to May, 2014, India, the world’s largest democracy, held its general elections, with a clear victory for Hindu nationalism at the polls. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), a right-wing Hindu nationalist party, gained a remarkable success by securing the majority of seats in parliament. Historical significance of this electoral success needs to be considered … [Read more…]

SEN News Bites: 27 October -1 November 2014

          The Diplomat (27/10/2014) features a piece on the challenges of a federal settlement of Nepal that is being negotiated in run up to the adoption of a new constitution in the country in January 2015. The Guardian (29/10/2014) reports on the Labour Party’s intention to allow Ofsted to inspect religious … [Read more…]

SEN News Bites: 15-26 October 2014

    The Guardian (15/10/2014) features an opinion piece on the recent ‘football war’ between Serbia and Albania and the implications it might have for longer-term peace in the Balkans. I24News (20/10/2014) reports the results of a new survey, according to which five of the seven Middle Eastern countries surveyed identified religious and ethnic hatred … [Read more…]

Nationalism and Ethnicity: Upcoming Conferences and Events

Upcoming Conference/Workshop: Imagined Communities and Frontier Politics in China’s Long Twentieth Century Date: Tuesday, October 21-October 22 Location: Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore Keynote Speaker: Benedict Anderson Click here for more information.   Call for Papers: Nationalism and Internationalism in Labour History Date: 25 April 2015 Keynote speaker: Dr Emmet O’Connor (University of Ulster) Deadline for … [Read more…]